The pros and cons of using a computer log for the Pomsky

What are pros and cons of using a computer log for the Pomsky? We know that there are several methods you can use to track the Pomsky’s training progress. You can choose the simple pen and paper method. You can also opt for the printed paper log but that does not contain much details. No matter what you choose, you can see that the puppy is improving its skills and learning abilities. The third method that is becoming popular with the technology advancement is the computer log.

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Smartphone, tabs and iPads are now in everyone’s hands. If you look at a crowd somewhere such as the waiting room at the doctor’s chamber or inside a train, you will notice all the people have their eyes on the phones. They use it to communicate with others and share photos, messages and videos. There are a lot of benefits in this method and some drawbacks follow as well.

The advantages

• Make modifications as much as you want. There is no limit no how many times you want to cut off or edit a line, word or a phrase. If you are using a notebook, you will be unable to make too much alterations. It will look dirty and messy with all the corrections you make. If you want, you cannot add a new sentence that you forgot to write without making look like a mistake.

• You can put a lot of details. Even though the printed form would look clean as a log and help scan important information, you cannot write too much. For example, let us discuss its activity on a particular day. You rate it out of five on distraction level, stamina, aggression and fear. It if did not get distracted on that day, not even by a squirrel, you rate it 1. If it had a lot of stamina and energy that day, circle the five with a pen. If it was somewhat aggressive, circle 3 or 4. If you found it to be scared of something that day, make a round around the 4 or 5 depending on the level of its fright. As you can see, there is not much explanation or any personal views or opinions. After few months or a year, when you look back, you will not remember what happened. If you write on a computer log with details, when you look back at it, you will feel like an achiever. “I trained my Pomsky to not get distracted by squirrels and today it saw one and did not get interrupted, that was amazing” This line sounds so much satisfying than a circle around the 1.

• You can share it with others easily along with a video or several photos. A lot of people will get to know about the puppy and you can share your experience. In this way, others will benefit from your mistakes and teachings.

The disadvantage

• It is difficult to have a phone with a full battery. The smartphones turn off automatically and you will be unable to log anything that day. You always have to keep a backup, such a copy on another device so that you do not lose the logs.

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