Stop your Pomsky from biting

How to stop your Pomsky from biting? If you have a four-legged furry friend who has a habit of biting, you should stop it as soon as possible. The Pomskies are excessively adorable and cute. Nonetheless, while you are playing with it, you might encounter it biting you in a spirited manner. You are not supposed to make a big deal because we all that you both are just playing. The problem lies with the overlooking. If you ignore the situation, it grows the habit of biting. As it continues to grow, the habit will remain.

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Stop your Pomsky from biting

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It is a method of showing dominance

The basic cause why they bite is they are willing to fit into the family. It is their sign of dominance. The easiest way to stop it from biting is by demonstrating that you are the dominant person of the family and biting is not acceptable. If you are not sure on how to demonstrate, follow the simple steps

• Have food or meals before your Pomsky. It is an intelligent animal and understands if you pamper it too much

• Ignore it and do not pay attention to it for the first fifteen minutes after you enter your home after a day of work, they are not your children that you have to call out their names as soon as you come through the front door

The first day you notice it biting, you should try to prevent it from that time. If you delay or ignore the matter thinking it is just few days old, the problem will go big. If you are willing to change a habit, start the first day you see it.

After you continue with the two steps given above, it should fix its behavior. They are smart and understands a lot of things such as when you are happy, sad or angry. Therefore, training them to stop biting is not going be difficult unless you have someone who is too aggressive

• When the Pomsky starts to bite, start to make a whining noise similar to your crying. In that way, it will comprehend that it is hurting you.

• If the Pomsky is biting you when you are watching television lying on the sofa or any other time, immediately provide it with a chew toy. It can have the urge to bite and that is why you buy them chew toys.

• You can slightly pinch them but you should not hurt your small friend. You can never scream or hit them. Training them always requires patience and calmness.

• There are a lot of games to play with the Pomsky and one common game is tug of war. If it continues with the habit of biting, stop playing that. There are a lot of other games you can play with it such as: bubble popping, hide and seek and hiding treats.

All the above methods are the ones you can try yourself at home. If you still have a Pomsky who continues to bite, do not get upset. You can always get professional help.

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