Keep your Pomsky away from this Choking Hazards

Choking Hazards are dangerous for daogs. You might be busy with work and other activities around the house. Make sure no matter what you do; you are not ignoring your Pomsky. There can be simple things around the house that can be dangerous for the puppy. Not only at home, but you should also be careful when you take it out as well. If you have trained your puppy to fetch, it should love sticks every time it goes out. Therefore, carefully watch its every move when you both go out. Sticks can be dangerous! Here are things that your Pomsky should avoid.

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As mentioned earlier, they make the perfect object for playing fetch with your Pomsky. Do not let it keep the stick in its mouth because there are small pieces that will break and get stuck in its throat. The worst part is when it gets stuck on the surface of the mouth; that is the area above the tongue. They will be in a painful condition with the small piece of stick on the roof of the mouth. Doctors say if Pomskys swallow a stick or small pieces, it will require surgery to get it out.

Tennis balls

If you know the dangers of the stick, you will prefer using the tennis ball to play fetch. It comes with risk as well. When the Pomsky grabs using its sharp teeth, the ball can break into small pieces. If you are ignoring it or not looking, the puppy can swallow and get stuck where the oxygen passes. It will stop air supply and cause breathing problems. The Pomsky requires the supply of oxygen and the carbon dioxide to get out of the body. Therefore, understand the dangers of the tennis ball and keep your eye on the Pomsky when the tennis ball is in its mouth.

Cooked bones

We have all seen in cartoons that Pomskys love to eat bones. The same goes for Pomskies even though they are designer Pomskys. They do not crave for food much so if you are thinking of giving something to chew on, go with the toys. The bones can be hazardous for the Pomskies. They have sharp edges that will cut the food pipe and the digestive tract. It can also hurt their mouth, and they will be in pain.

Small toys

Do not buy toys for your friend that are too small in size. You cannot have Pomsky swallowing small pieces of its plaything. Get big ones and make sure that you can watch it playing. If you have to go out, or you are busy, make sure the other person watches carefully what the Pomsky is chewing. It can happen that they even break a big toy into small pieces and swallow. Buy something that they cannot break. Purchase the ones that are entirely safe.


While you go out for walks or take it outside with you, make sure it does not swallow a rock. There are rocks everywhere, and they love to put in their mouth. If they swallow it, it will be dangerous for their digestive system.

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