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How to Train an Adult Pomsky (2019)

How to train an adult Pomsky? We all know that the designer Pomskys will not grow much in size even though they will become adults. They get their size from their Pomeranian fathers, and the other features such as the beautiful blue eyes come from their Siberian Husky mother. If you think about training a Pomsky, you should start while it is young. It can happen that you got a Pomsky after it became an adult. In that case, you will need special help to train them. Here is how you can do it.

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Follow simple guidelines


You must be patient with your Pomsky. They need love and affection. You cannot treat them badly if you lose patience. It is evident that you will have a busy schedule. When you first get the adult Pomsky, you must take some time off to train it in the perfect manner. The secret to training adult Pomskies is by having a crate.

Even though people believes that training puppies are easier than adult Pomskys, the crate will make it unchallenging. Take your Pomsky to the bathroom at least six times. Do not forget the main reward Pomskies crave for is compliments. They are not after treats. Do not forget that you have to praise it a lot when he is successful.  Do not punish them for anything and particularly if you did not see them doing it.

Purchase the crate

The day you bring him home, you should also buy the crate. You will be able to control his elimination because he will not want to ruin it. They give importance to the place where they go to sleep. It should be large enough so that it can move around freely. Even when it stands up, there should be enough space above its head. Make sure the size of the crate is not too large because he will think the extra space is for elimination.

Do not isolate the Pomsky by keeping the box in a room where nobody visits. Make sure it is the center of attention. They love to get praise and love from people, especially adults. You can keep it somewhere they will see other people or at least you. Do not lock him there like a bird. Let him roam around the house. Since you want to train it, you should make sure it is not feeling sick or lonely. Give him a lot of time and play with him. Do not miss the regular every day walks.

Make the routine

Just like humans, they have to eliminate after waking up. Take them out once they wake up and right before you leave for work. If you are not home, make sure someone takes them twice during the day. After the day is over, bring them after dinner and the final one is before going to bed.

Do not scold him if he is not doing the job right. While he is trying to focus on elimination, do not talk to him or distract him. After he has completed, make sure you are praising him.

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