How to stop your Pomsky from getting distracted by a squirrel? 

How to stop your Pomsky from getting distracted by a squirrel? You have to take your Pomsky to walks every day. If you do not do that, it will become obese and a lot of illness and diseases will follow.  While you take it to the park for walks, make sure you are leading it. If it knows that you are the leader, it will learn to respect you. Pomskies are intelligent but they can get distracted by small things. People are not aware of this but their biggest distraction is the squirrel. It can get interrupted by a child crying in the park, a loud car horn in the street or the thunder before it begins to rain. Here are some methods to stop the Pomsky from losing its concentration because of the squirrel.

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Step 1: Change the speed

Do you take your canine friend for a peaceful walk every day? In the middle of the pleasant walk, a squirrel comes and ruins everything. You should alter the current speed. It can happen you both walk a slow pace. Instead of that, shift to jogging. It is better if you both go for a run instead of a walk. It is going to cause a lot of positive changes in its behavior and it will enjoy it. Pomskies are active because of its parents. Both the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky are fast and energetic Pomsky breeds. It is not going to get bored. In case, you get tired and lose speed, shift to jogging before you continue running.

Step 2: Alter your behavior

How the intense the condition is going to be completely hangs on your Pomsky’s usual fieriness and amount of training laterally with the precise disruption that has come in front of you. People usually gets excited when they see one and screams out “squirrel”. You cannot blame the Pomsky if you are the one who got excited first. Therefore, do not become overwhelmed in front of it. Control yourself. It respects you and learns from you by following your every steps. You do not want to confuse it and make it upset with mixed instructions. Let us look at an example. When a Pomsky gets mixed instructions and guidelines, it gets upset. You should never give from your plate to the Pomsky for two reasons. First of all, it is harmful for its health. Secondly, it becomes needy, every time you eat, it will start begging. Pomskies are usually not needy but if you share food, it can change its characteristics. You are not giving it food, but someone else in the home is doing it, like a child. In that way, it gets confused every time you refuse and later on becomes a sad pup.

Step 3: Pick a reward

Do not just stick to the rewards you give out all the time. The same old treat or chew toys can get boring. Go to the next level and find something that it likes a lot such as a steak. Every time it shows positive behavior in front of a squirrel, you should provide it with the steak.

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