How to stop your Pomsky from biting

Pomskies are a delightful breed of dog that have captured the hearts of many pet lovers around the world. However, like any other dogs, they can sometimes exhibit biting behavior that can be harmful and dangerous, especially to children and other pets. As a professional breeder for Pomsky, I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with this issue. In this article, we will explore different ways on how to stop your Pomsky from biting.

Why Do Pomskies Bite?

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s important to understand why Pomskies bite in the first place. Here are some common reasons:


Just like human babies, puppies go through a teething phase where their teeth grow and fall out to make way for adult teeth. During this time, puppies may experience discomfort and pain in their gums, which can cause them to chew and bite on anything they can find to alleviate the discomfort. It’s important to provide your Pomsky with appropriate chew toys during this phase to redirect their biting behavior away from people or other pets.

Fear or Aggression

If your Pomsky feels threatened or scared, they may resort to biting as a form of self-defense. This is especially true if they have not been properly socialized as puppies. If you notice that your Pomsky is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, it’s important to seek help from a professional trainer or behaviorist.

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Excitement or Playfulness

Sometimes, Pomskies may bite when they get overly excited or playful. This type of biting is usually harmless but can still be painful if not controlled properly.

Solutions to Stop Your Pomsky from Biting

Now that we know why Pomskies bite let’s explore different solutions to stop this behavior.

Positive Reinforcement Training

One of the most effective ways to stop your Pomsky from biting is through positive reinforcement training. This involves rewarding your dog for good behavior and ignoring or redirecting them when they exhibit undesirable behavior like biting.

To start, you can use a clicker and treats to train your Pomsky. Every time your dog exhibits good behavior like sitting or staying, click the clicker and give them a treat. This will help them associate good behavior with positive rewards.

If your Pomsky starts to bite, simply say “no” firmly and redirect their attention to a toy or treat. When they start playing with the toy or chewing on the treat, reward them with praise and treats.


Socialization is crucial for puppies as it helps them learn how to interact with other dogs and people. If your Pomsky was not properly socialized as a puppy, they may exhibit fear or aggression towards strangers, which can lead to biting.

To socialize your Pomsky, take them to places where there are other dogs and people like dog parks, pet stores, or obedience classes. Allow your dog to interact with other dogs but supervise them closely to ensure that they don’t get into any fights.

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Make sure that you also expose your Pomsky to different environments and situations like loud noises or crowded areas. This will help them become more confident and less fearful in new situations.

Distract Your Pomsky

Another way to stop your Pomsky from biting is by distracting them before they even start. Keep a bag of toys and treats handy so that you can give your dog something else to chew on whenever they start biting.

You can also try playing games like fetch or tug-of-war with your Pomsky to redirect their energy away from biting. Just be sure not to encourage aggressive behavior during these games.

Use a Gentle Leader or Muzzle

If your Pomsky is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, it may be necessary to use a gentle leader or muzzle. These tools can help prevent your dog from biting while you work on training and behavior modification.

A gentle leader is a type of head collar that can help you control your dog’s movements and prevent them from lunging or biting. A muzzle, on the other hand, is a device that covers your dog’s mouth and prevents them from biting.

It’s important to note that using a gentle leader or muzzle should never be a substitute for proper training and socialization. These tools should only be used as temporary solutions until your Pomsky learns how to behave properly around people and other animals.


Biting is a common issue among Pomskies but with patience, consistency, and the right training techniques, it can be stopped. Remember to always reward good behavior and redirect undesirable behavior like biting. Socialization, distraction, and the use of gentle leaders or muzzles can also help prevent biting behavior. If your Pomsky exhibits aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, seek help from a professional trainer or behaviorist. With time and effort, you can stop your Pomsky from biting and enjoy a happy and well-behaved pet.

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