How to stop your Pomsky from biting

How to stop your Pomsky from biting? While the Pomsky is still young and small, you have to get rid of the habit of biting through proper training. If you do not do this before it becomes an adult, the situation could get bad. They can even hurt a child without knowing. Here is how you can stop them when you first notice the behavior.

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Be Consistent

Consistency is an important factor in training. Everyone around the house should behave the same way with the puppy. For example, we all that a Pomsky should not eat human food even if they do they should eat from our plate. That makes them needy. If you are not sharing but someone else is doing it, it will cause inconsistency. The Pomsky will be confused whether or not it is right to take the food or not. If it asks from you, you refuse and it will end up being sad or angry. Therefore, make sure nobody in the house (particularly children) allows biting. Whoever notices this behavior should try to stop it instead of overlooking.

Cry a little

The puppies understand when you are upset. Therefore, when it starts to bite start to whine or wail. If they know that someone is hurt, they stop that certain behavior. It is an unchallenging job to stop their biting this way. It will stop and you should more you should move your hand away from it. Do not play with it for a while and after it stops biting even when you are close to it, reward it.

Put fun in training

It is significant that you do not continue without serious training sessions for hours. They lost their concentration and attention. While you are training it, keep the session small and fill it up with positivity such as lots of praise. After it stops biting, provide it with more praise and treats.

Provide a lot of attention

A Pomsky needs a lot of attention and love.  They love to have fun with their toys. Do not give it something dangerous that it can tear off or swallow. Provide it with a lot of safe toys. You should buy or make toys for the puppy. It will choose its favorite one more often than other toys. After you find out which one he loves the most, use that for training for not biting.

Stop providing old things

Some pet owners give their Pomsky old clothes, boots and shoes. They think it is going to be a toy for them or something to chew on. It is a negative and unacceptable way of giving things to play with because it will develop the habit of biting even more. It will start to bite on new shoes and clothes because it does not know the difference between used and new.

Maintain the routine

Continue following the above steps and you will end up with a well-trained puppy who does not bite. If you break the routine, you will ruin the training procedure.

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