How to deal with a disobedient Pomsky?

How to deal with a disobedient Pomsky? A big problem arises when the canine friend of yours does not respond to you when you call it. Do not worry because there are solutions but first of all let us know why they become disobedient.

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• Distractions: Do not think that your puppy is not responding on purpose, they just got distracted by a butterfly or something in the room

• Improper training: It can be that you did not teach it properly or there were lacking in the training procedure

• Fright:  It can be afraid of something that is why it did not respond. A happy Pomsky will come to their owner happily after you call out their name.

To get rid of the first problem “distractions” you should need a long time. Find out what is interrupting it and taking away its concentration. You should have to maintain them properly and in that way the answer will become clear. Many pet owners are not aware of what is distracting their Pomskies. They think they have a disobedient Pomsky instead of researching about it. Pet owners can always learn more from the resources available online or at the bookstore. After a training session, do not think that you have taught it everything it needs to know and it will not make any mistake. Humans make errors every day and they are just small creatures willing to learn. If the Pomsky cannot respond, it the owner’s duty to continue the training process.

No matter how much you teach it to teach to stay, sit or fetch it can make mistakes. Do not think that since you trained it, it will become flawless. As stated before, there is a possibility of several reasons that make the Pomsky disobedient.  It can stop responding during regular day activities or during training. They are aware of the fear or something bad before it happens because of their instinct. That is why they become scared and stop responding. If the Pomsky is under the effect of fright, it can become difficult to train. It can also happen that someone scared it when you did not see it. That is why it is still behaving that way. Being scared of a loud noise is a popular reason why Pomskies get scared. It can happen that is heard a loud noise such as a bus horn all of a sudden that is why it is still fearful. You cannot trust your Pomsky if it is not obedient. Until you can get rid of the fear that changed you Pomsky’s behavior, there is nothing much more you can do. If you think that it has a chance of getting scared when it is outside, do not let it walk out with a leash. It can get scared of anything when it is without a leash. Dog training cannot be the only solution. If you have a Pomsky full of fright, it can be because of the old place or from where it came from.

The solution can be letting your Pomsky socializing with other Pomskys. They are friendly so it should not be a problem for you.

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