Bathing your Pomsky for the first time

How to bathe a Pomsky? Grooming is important, and you should not think that it is work. It is the perfect way to spend time with your pet while it relaxes and freshens up. Pomskies are friendly creatures that love to run around and play. Doing so will make them dirty. You need to prepare a bath for them without making them scared of it. Here is how you can bathe your Pomeranian Husky for the first time.

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Introduce it to the area

Since you just brought it home, it can be frightened of the new place. Play with it and take it to the sink few times without the water running. If they understand that the area is safe, the bathing will become easy for you. You should put your hands in the water and show it that it is a positive thing. They are intelligent, and they understand everything you tell them. Explain it to them that bathing is going to be fun. Let it sniff around as much as it wants. Do not scold or get patient. You can do this in the kitchen sink since they are small in size. After he gets familiar with the location of his bath, it should be simple for you.

Turn on the water

So far, you have not let him under the water or in it. You just introduced the place of his bath. It just stood there while it was dry. Now, let the tub or the sink fill in with water. Sprinkle small amounts of it to show him that it is a good thing. Make sure that you are scaring the puppy. Once it gets used to the sprinkling of water, splash some amount to it. Soon enough, it will find out that water is not dangerous.

Get ready for it

Before you go for the first bath, you should know that you need to prepare yourself as well. Tie up your hair and dress up appropriately. Pomskies shed a lot, so you do not want to get their hair on beautiful clothes. If you are going out, do not bathe them in the outfit you are planning to leave the house. Wear something that you wear at home and make sure you are going to wash it as well. Not only Pomsky hair, but your clothes will also get wet, and there will be shampoo over it. Make sure you are not thinking of something else like an urgent call. Do not do any other work while you are bathing it. Ignore calls and messages till the bath is over.

Fix the bath setting

Prepare the area as well. If you have something that the puppy can ruin, remove that immediately. If you kept nail polish, creams or other cosmetics bottle, there is a chance they will break it. The makeup will fall into the water and mix with it. You can keep toys that belong to the Pomsky. In that way, it will be less fearful. You cannot bathe a puppy who is not comfortable. You should also put a mat so that the puppy does not slip and fall. Put it at the bottom of the sink or tub so that when it gets out, it can safely land on the mat.

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