Five Reasons to Groom Your Pomsky Regularly

Why do you need to Groom your Pomsky regularly? Grooming your Pomsky is essential. From skin and coat health to appropriate socialization, there are a lot of reasons to do it. It is more than just having a beautiful puppy. You are protecting its health. For example, trimming the hair around the eyes can stop eye infection or redness. Here are some reasons why you should groom your Pomsky.

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Reduce Shedding

We all know that the Pomskies are famous for shedding. It has become a big problem in them and the solution is consistent grooming. You cannot stop or avoid shedding since it is their normal characteristics but you can brush the fur on a daily basis. It will help you both relax and spend some time together. If you do not brush it, you see fur lying here and there. You will have to vacuum the whole house, as a result the task becomes difficult. Therefore, instead of thinking grooming to be a chore, think of it as a way to spend time together. Although, if you lack free time you can always hire a professional. They come with the proper training and experience to do the job. You will notice less shedding because the brushing stimulates oil fabricating glands which makes it healthy.

Spend time together

As mentioned before, you should think of it as a fun task. The reason you brought home the Pomsky was to take full care of it. Simply taking it to the vet, feeding it and exercising will not be enough. Just like you brush your teeth, shampoo your hair and smell nice, you should do the same for your canine friend. It will get used to touching and you can brush its fur or cut its nails.

Evade Medical Problems

While you are grooming, you will notice its eyes, ears, teeth etc. You can get rid of any problem you see before it gets serious. Grooming is important even if you are not doing it. For example, a professional will able to tell from touch if there is something growing the skin such as a tumor. You can take it to the vet right away. You can increase the lifespan of a Pomsky this way because when you treat an illness at first stage, there is no harm. If you take it to the vet at a final stage, you will lose the puppy.

Save money

While you are doing it yourself or a professional is helping you in grooming, you will find out a lot of problems that will cost less money to cure. For example, when you brush it regularly, you will be able to maintain its oral hygiene and it will not have any dental problems. Therefore, in the future you do not have to pay the dentists thousands of dollars for a dental problem. You will have no expense. All you have to do is purchase a brush and a Pomsky toothpaste.

Make it look good

Pomskies are popular because of their wolf-like appearance. You should keep it in its best condition by grooming it. If you make it appear clean, everyone will understand that you are the right pet owner.

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