Winter Bath Care for a Pomsky

How to winter bath care for a Pomsky? Pomskies are like little balls of fur but that does not mean they do not require baths. They are the perfect companions because they love to be with their owners therefore you should take proper care of them. During the summer, bathing is not a challenge neither for us nor the puppies because it is hot outside. In the cold seasons, you can have complications. Questions might come in your mind such as.

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There can be a lot of changes when comparing your regular bath time with the winter one. For example, you use a blow dryer or a hair dryer to dry it because of its coat. In the cold season, you should let it air dry naturally. The reason is because the coat dries out too much and it will become brittle. Another method many pet owners use to dry their Pomsky is by rubbing with a towel. You cannot do this either because you will ruin the coat. Let the skin absorb the water because it gets dry as the air lacks moisture during the season.

Many people who does not want to carry out the grooming themselves, opts for professionals. They visit there during the spring. Many Pomsky groomers say that when they bring their Pomsky to them, they find the puppies to be dirty, sick with a lot of problems. You know that grooming is important for its health so you cannot skip it during winter. Bathing is just as significant as sleeping, eating and playing. Do not skip it because it is cold outside. The bath should take place every three weeks. The surprising part is that you should bath is every four weeks during the hot season. People do the opposite. They make the mistake of washing their Pomsky more often in the summer because it is hot outside and do not take them to bath for more than a month during the icy weather.

There is a believe during the cold season that bathing too much can cause dryness.  If you can purchase the proper products made of high-quality ingredients, this should not be a problem. For example, you can but the coconut oil for Pomskys. They are made from organically grown coconuts. They have a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin k, Vitamin E, saturated fats that acts a superfood for its skin. Purchase products that contain no chemicals. It will get rid of irritation, dry skin, crusty and hot spots on the skin. While you give it a bath, use a moisturizing shampoo that is made of organic ingredients and follow with the best leave-in conditioner. You can buy the one hundred percent vegan and organic Pomsky shampoo. They come with all organic ingredients picked from nature. They will contain rosemary, oatmeal and such.

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