What you need for your Pomsky’s bath

What you need for your Pomsky’s bath? When you are thinking of grooming a Pomsky, bathing is the first thing that should come to your mind. Some puppies like it more than others and if you have a Pomsky who is refusing to bath, follow the tips below. You should make sure that it is not facing any difficulty during the process. Find out what it likes and that will be the job unchallenging for you. If you have just brought the puppy home, you might not know what it likes and dislikes. If you have an old canine friend that refuses to bath, find out what is the reason behind its unwillingness.

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The initial step it to brush. Pomskies are famous for shedding and you should remove the dead hair that is hanging loose. Debris and dirt attached to the coat, so if you brush it before the bath, you will be able to clean it fully. If you find tangles and knots, it is a good idea to open those first. You can prevent tangles using leave-in conditioner or trimming its fur. When the knots are small, you can untie them while brushing. A big knot or tangle may cause more difficulty so it is better to prevent them through regular brushing.

The second thing you need to do is trimming its nails. If you are not careful, you will make it bleed. If it gets hurt and you see blood, wrap it with an ice cube and cloth. After that use a styptic pencil. If you do not have that, you can utilize styptic powder as they reduce the bleeding significantly. Do not get busy elsewhere or get distracted. Cutting the nails need focus or else you will end up hurting it.

Bathing Supplies

You should purchase the things you need for its bath. When it is about the purchase of a shampoo, find out what problems it has. If it has flea problems, purchase that. If it has other skin issues, opt for those that are designed for sensitive skins for Pomskys.

Here is what you have to get

1. Puppy shampoo

2. Ear wipes

3. Face cloth

4. Conditioner (preferably a leave-in one for long lasting shine and moisturization)

5. Dog bath tub (Small size)

Things you should remember

• Do not use your shampoo because there is a difference in the pH balance. You will cause skin problems and damage the fur.

• Practice washing over the face with the cloth and remove any tear build up about the eyes.  Always wash the face beforehand or else the water will get dirty and you will not be able to wash its face. If you have a Pomsky that loves to play and roll in mud, you will end up with brown water. Another reason for having water of brownish color is because of fleas.

• The ear wipes are for cleaning the inside of the ear flaps. Make sure you are being gentle as excess pressure can hurt them and damage the ear canal. You will find debris and dirt there. Remove them properly without hurting it.

• When it is about drying other Pomskys, there are a lot of options. You can let them air dry naturally. You can wipe off with a towel and so on. In the case of a Pomsky, you have to use a blow dryer.

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