Paw Protection Cream for Pomskies

What is paw protection cream for Pomskys? Pomskies love to play and stay active throughout the day until all their energy runs out and they go to sleep. You cannot let your puppy hurt its paws after running and playing all day long. That could break its regular cycle causing it to lay in bed in pain and lose its appetite. It may even develop depression from being unable to run around without their paws hurting. That is why you can purchase a wax which will safeguard its paws. This is not for the winters only; it is for all seasons.

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About it

They do not cost much compared to other products of the Pomskies. They are easy to apply and contains nutrients that recovers the paws. They come with Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin and protecting the cell from damage. They are small in size so you can carry it in your bag pack before you both go out somewhere such as the beach. It will protect the paws during the walks when the pavement is burning in the scorching heat. It will also help in the snow and salty pavement during winter.

Rules of application

You will love it once you start using it for your Pomsky. It is water resistant so you can take it to swim and the wax will not wash off. Before you apply, make sure you are wearing gloves or else you will have wax on your hands. While you are heading out for the walk or other outdoor activities such as playing in the snow or playing fetch at the beach, you should apply at while you both are at the doorstep. Otherwise, most of it will wear off while it is still at home. If your Pomsky refuses to wear Pomsky boots, then this is perfect for them. You do not have to carry them when they go out for excretion during the cold. If your Pomsky gets scared when they see a shoe or does not like the idea of wearing boots, this is your chance to protect the paws with the cream. There is no discomfort since the wax will blend with the skin. They will also love it when you apply it there.


Do not let them lick their feet. There is nowhere where it says you can let them ingest it. You can contact the manufacturer and find out if is safe if the puppy licks the paws. You can also consult the vet if you are unable to communicate with the manufacturer. The wax is not supposed to make a mess on the carpet or rug but if you use Vaseline, that might leave footprints everywhere. Ice will build up between their pads and toes so use the paw protection wax. If you let your Pomsky play outside, no matter what the season is, you should apply this. During spring, homeowners use chemicals and pesticides on the lawns and your Pomsky will probably walk over them without knowing. Therefore, do not overlook the importance of the paw protect cream just because it is a nice season.

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