How to select a Halloween Costume for the Pomsky

How to select a Halloween Costume for the Pomsky? You might see Pomskys in Halloween costumes and thought what would your Pomsky look like in one of those. If you ever thought of making it wear something special for that day, you should follow the steps below. If you have never put on fancy clothes on your canine friend before, it can be a bit of a challenge. If the Pomsky is comporting with you it should be easy.

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 Step 1: Train your puppy

The basic thing about any Pomsky is they should listen to you. If you want to do something with them such as go to a baseball game, make sure they are well-trained. They should listen to all your commands such as “Sit” and “Stay”. If you do not have a Pomsky that listens to you, you should wait for the next Halloween. Pomskies tend to be aggressive and if you train them, they will be obedient.

Step 2: Try on clothes

They usually do not wear clothes, so introduce them to regular clothing. Buy some cheap dresses for the Pomsky and make them wear it. If they walk around in it, they will start to get comfortable in them. You can praise them and offer treats if they are wearing it without any fuss. If you are lucky enough, it will start to love the idea of putting on clothes.

Step 3: Browse stores

It is not a good idea to jump into the stores right before Halloween. Start from the first of October. There are many pet stores selling outfits for Pomskys of all sizes. Ask the salesperson to show you things of your pet’s size. If they say that they do not have clothes for Pomsky, ask them for Pomeranian clothing.

Step 4: Choose clothes

If you have a male Pomsky, find something that will suit him like superman or batman costume. There are many costumes for small Pomskys instead of big ones so you will have a lot of option. You should take the puppy with you. It can happen that you brought the dress home and after it sees the outfit, it may run away. For example, you bought a pumpkin costume for the Pomsky. After seeing it, it might have a horrible or terrific memory related to pumpkins and it might run away. There are a lot of things to choose from such as Dracula or a hot Pomsky outfit. A small Pomsky will look nice in a hot Pomsky dress. If it is a female, a fairy or a witch is an excellent idea.

Step 5: Buy a new leash

Just because it is Halloween, it does not mean that you can let your Pomsky be without the leash on that day. To match with the occasion, choose a leash that goes along with the outfit. For example, a purple color one if it is a Dracula. If it is a Batman, there are leashes with the sign printed all over it. You will also find leashes with the pumpkin pattern.

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