How to keep your Pomsky cool this summer

How to keep your Pomsky cool this summer? We all that Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky are accustomed to cold weather. Even a regular Pomsky who is used to hot weather has a hard time during the summer. The same goes for Pomskies because the fur coat they wear. There are several ways you can keep your designer friend cool.

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Change the exercise time

You should take your Pomsky to walk every day. If you do not train it to walk with you, it will get unhealthy because everybody needs to exercise. When a puppy does not walk or exercise for a day, they get bored. Boredom can make your puppies do foolish things around the house. To take it out for walks, pick a timing of the day when the weather is cool. You can choose the early hours of the morning. Get up early and put on the running shoes and go out. If you fail to wake up in the dawn, go out at night when the weather is cold. Avoid going out with the Pomskies, when the sun is out.

Buy Pomskygie boots

They are shoes for Pomskys that will protect it from the hot summer heats. Their body will get hot when the heat enters from through their feet. Not only that, there are rocks, stones, and thorns on the street. You can protect its feet by getting the shoes. They do not even cost much. Price will vary because different manufacturers are producing them. They are small in size, and they will also help during winter. Before you buy them, make sure you get the right size for your Pomsky’s feet.

Do not leave it in the car

If you have to go somewhere and leave it in the car, stop right there. If it is mandatory to leave him in the car and you have to go somewhere, leave the air conditioner running. Cars get hot when you leave it in the parking area even under a shade or in an underground parking spot. The Pomsky will get dehydrated staying there even if it is for a few minutes. If you have a friendly puppy, it should get excited when it sees people. Excitement will cause it to become thirsty. If you and your puppy are going somewhere, carry water in the car.

Provide lots of water

Take water with you when you both go out for exercise. Teach it how to drink from a bottle. Remember to refill its water bowl at home from time to time. To fight the heat, Pomskys require a lot of drinking water. They should be hydrated or else they will get ill.

Use other cooling ideas

Several methods to keep cool includes wetting a blanket and let it lie on it and not letting it out of the house. If you have an air conditioner, keep that running. If you do not, provide it with icy treats. Pomskies can suffer from their bodies overheating. Get a fan and keep a bowl of ice and turn it on. Do not just use cold water on above its body, make sure you reach the stomach if you are using a hose. The water of the hose should be cool or cold. During summer, the water from the hose is usually hot.

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