How to groom your Pomsky with Clippers

How to groom your Pomsky with Clippers? By now you must the grooming clippers and the proper blades according to the length of your Pomsky’s coat. After you attach the blade into the clippers and plug into the power point, you should be ready. You can use the ones that runs on battery so you do have to depend on the electricity. Make sure that you are not attaching or removing a blade while the clipper is plugged.

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After the blade is in its place, turn it on and make sure you are gripping them firmly. The flat side should be parallel to the puppy’s body so that it can slide over the top with ease. You can begin from anywhere you like but you can maintain a fixed routine as well. If you are repeating the same way all the time, it will not be scared of it and it will start to like the clipping. Do not apply pressure at first but if you see that the clipping is not going smooth, you should put some strength. The device should be flat or else it can hurt the skin. Make sure that you are cutting the skin of the Pomsky because the blades are sharp.

The dangerous spots are near the legs where you should be most careful. Let it stretch its legs and make sure that you are not hurting the fold in the skin. Follow the direction of the puppy’s coat. Follow it for a smooth clipping.  If you are going random, you will end up with uneven lengths in different spots. After you get to know this, it should be a problem.

Using Pomsky clippers is simple and unchallenging. Just keep in mind that it is a shave to make it look good. Do not get distracted and if you are tired do not perform this task. Every time you give a clip, just repeat the same procedure. That will make the clipping painless for both of you. One way to start is from the head to all the way down the shoulder and neck area. Go under the chin, throat and the ears. Do not ignore the chest. When it is about legs, start from the front ones. Gently pick it up and hold it. Do not put too much pressure as they are small and it will hurt them. Do not press it too hard or else it will get hurt. You can cut its skin this way. The last part of the clipping is the hind leg area. It is not a difficult task. All you have to do is, turn it around and carry the other hind leg so you can insert the device inside. Do not bend its leg or force it to lie on an unnatural or difficult position.

You will have to alter the blades during the cut. For example, during cutting around the tummy and the anal area, change the blades. After you get back on clipping on the other side, you will need to put the blades for long lengths.

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