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What is a Pomsky? Pomsky is a hybrid Pomsky which is a cross between the dangerous Siberian Husky and the famous Pomsky type Pomeranian. Siberian Huskies have beautiful blue eyes, and they look like a wild animal rather than a pet animal. They are risky to have around because if they get angry, they can hurt people particularly children. Typically, they are friendly with people and are similar to other Pomskys. If you ask people about a scary Pomsky type, they would answer Siberian Husky, yet they manage to look good. Their personality makes them stand out. If you are looking for an adorable pet, that is famous for being cute; people would suggest Pomeranians for you. Did you ever think what it would it be like to fix the furry little friend with the deadly Siberian Husky? The result would be a handsome little fluffy puppy. Many people think they do not exist. They do not know it yet, but they are real, and they are called Pomskies (plural for Pomsky).  The “Pom” comes from Pomeranian and the “sky” from Husky.

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Pomsky Appearance

Pomsky Appearance

Since, both the parents go with a coat to protect from the cold, the designer Pomsky has a double layered coat. It aids them to survive in deadly cold weathers similar to the temperature in the Arctic. For this reason, they cannot stay in a place where the temperature is warm. You should not leave your Pomeranian Husky out in the sun. People love to dress up their cute Pomeranian, carry them around like a baby and they consider it to be the cutest Pomsky breed. Many individuals want to have a Siberian Husky at home but they cannot because of certain reasons. They cause damage inside the house and may harm your children. They are irresistibly good-looking as well with their wolf-like appearance and blue eyes. Therefore, it can be tough for you to get a pet Pomeranian with blue eyes and looks like a Siberian Husky. In the current years, individuals are excited about the Pomsky because they are curious about it. The size usually depends on the parents meaning the female and the male Pomsky in the process. The weight will be the half of the parents’ weight. For example, the female Siberian Husky was 20 kg and the male Pomeranian was 5 kg. You have to add that up, and you will get 25. Divide the result by 2. The Pomsky that you will get will be around 13 kg or slightly less. It is the weight when they will be full adults. The Huskies tend to be very handsome that never keeps their heads down. They are not small neither too big. Their body has a good structure and properly built. They are muscular and vigorous. They have triangular ears that are always standing up, and they look straight with their big round eyes. They have a thick coat since they live in the cold. His skin is quite thick, but the fur sits close to his body and comes in a wide range of colors. They can be up to two feet in height and have weight around 27 kg. The color of the nose of the Siberian Husky is the same as the color of the fur. It can be black, gray or brown. The eyes are commonly blue but can also be half brown or amber. Some can even come without any mark on the head. Black and white and white and gray are usually seen. Just because the Husky can be bug does not mean the Pomsky will be the same. They remain small in size all through their life. They get the size of an average small Pomsky. That is one reason for being perfect as pets because they are easy to carry around and take care.

cute pomsky

cute pomsky

They can make an unusual pet choice for a regular pet lover because they have no fixed characteristics.  One can have more characteristics of a Pomeranian than a Husky while the opposite can happen in another. It can be strange for a pet owner to deal with the personality and character of their Pomsky. The first you can notice in a Pomeranian Husky is the tail. It is going to be similar to the Husky so look for curvy tails, not straight ones. Do not worry about keeping the Pomsky in the cold because it has the qualities of the Husky to withstand cold. The good part is that it is small in size and can stand against the cold, unlike other little Pomskys.  You should know that Pomeranian can stand against the cold.  Without any doubts, they are one of the cutest designer Pomskys who loves to stay on people’s laps.



Pomsky History

Pomsky History

A Pomsky is a small Pomsky that can weight from about 15 to 25 pounds. People were disbelieving the facts about them and mistaking them for Siberian Husky puppies. The two kinds of puppies are popular, and they are linked together if you look back to their family history. They come from the German Spitz family. The Pomeranian may be small now, but more than hundred years ago, they were big in size. As time passed, they started to reduce in size and the reason they became so famous in the past was that Queen Victoria has one of them. The designer Pomskys happen when a female Siberian Husky mixes with a male Pomeranian. After the two Pomsky types, Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky became popular, the idea of crossbreeding arrived. There are a lot of characteristics that get missing after several generations. The Husky initiated in northeastern Siberia, and the Chukchi Eskimos of northeastern Asia bred them to carry weighty masses through large areas through the coarse land in hard situations. They could also look over the Eskimos’ reindeer since they make perfect watchPomskys. At the time of Nome Gold Rush, they came to Alaska and that is when people of the United States and Canada noticed them. They were known as Husky at first by the people of Canada and the United States. It could be because the Pomskys are strong, muscular and well built. Later on, they called it Siberian Husky. Breeders know all about this and why that happened. There are many reasons for pocking these two breeds together, and one of them is because they are intelligent and brilliant. They both have a lot of features that make them noticeable. For example, a Pomeranian can lice for up to 12 to 16 years. They like to go everywhere with their owner, and their size makes it perfect for that. If you want someone to love and get some affection in return, they are an excellent choice. They come in many colors such as orange, white and chocolate.


Pomsky Price

Pomsky Price

If you are going for a Siberian Husky from a regular pet store, they could cost about five hundred dollars. If you are buying from a quality breeder, they would be around three hundred dollars. If you get it from a local rescue, they would cost slightly more than $50. A backyard breeder can give it to you for $120 or more. A cure Pomeranian can cost around $500, and if they are from a quality breeder, they could be slightly more than nine hundred dollars. As you can conclude, that both of these breeds, will not cost more than $1500 even if they come from a high-quality pet store or a quality breeder. If you aim for a Pomsky, they can be around five thousand dollars! If you think that it is impossible to find a Pomsky, then you are wrong. You can get them, but the problem for you can be the cost. They are not inexpensive. If you do not find one at the moment, you can write your name on the waiting list so that when one of them is born, you will get them.  Just make sure it is healthy and you have the abilities to handle it and provide a safe home. They are not something you will see everyday or find just anywhere. They cost so much because they are rare. There are many people out there selling other Pomskys in the name of Pomskies. Those are scams so avoid them. Do not worry, there are ways to know if you are dealing with the right person. Your breeder should be able to give you the exact and correct information. If they do not do that, that is one way to know if they are permissible or not. If they have a Facebook page, they should regularly update it so that the customers can tell if they active breeders or not. If they are reliable enough, they should be able to provide with the photos of the ultrasound. Find out how long they have been in the business and maintain the code of ethics. If you get a Pomsky, from a breeder to make sure the process has been safe, then you will end up with the perfect puppies.


Pomsky Characteristics

Pomsky Characteristics

To understand what kind of personality they may have, first look at their parents. If they come from a friendly mother and father, they will have a high tendency to be playful and happy. If they come from someone who gets angry easily, you may have to pamper them more. When you compare both the Pomsky breeds, the Pomeranian is the one that requires more attention and pampering from their owners. The actions of every Pomskies different from each other. They do have some features of their own like they like to run around the house instead of being lazy. They like to check every little suspicious thing, and they can even bite and run away. Some tend to bark at the smallest things because they are doubtful. Do not ignore going for a Pomsky just because of the description of their behaviors you just read. Just like you can change the habits of a rebellious kid into a quiet one, you can do the same with the Pomskys. You will have to take them to every workout so that they do not get too active neither too lazy. Do you know that some Pomskys live a lot more than others? The secret to having a long life span is exercise. Workout is only for humans, the same applies for your canine friends as well.  can help them grow out of these behaviors by being a strict while raising them. They will need daily exercise as well. Start by taking them to walk on a daily basis. They may not like children when they see therefore, you should introduce them to kids from the early age. If you are someone who lives alone, they will be perfect for you because you do not need to make much alterations in their behavior. It is great to have something always being suspicious and making sure there is nothing strange in the house. Since you live alone you can become aware of what is in your house and take actions before any trouble occurs. They can easily get along with their adult pet owner. In fact, going out to take them for a walk can be a good way for you to spend time. If you think that you cannot give enough time to the Pomsky, do not buy it. They require a lot of care and attention. Just walking does not keep them healthy, they want a regular owner-pet relationship where you both spend lots of hours together. If you are ignoring it but providing him with all the other necessities, you will still end up with a sick puppy. Nothing is perfect, particularly when they are in a new place and right out of the packet. It is our job to make it get comfortable to the environment. They can get along with other Pomskys, and they are not anti-social. You can peacefully keep them at the front of your house, and you will find it is making new friends. It will only make companionship with Pomskys but with humans as well who crosses by. If it finds someone strange, it will start to bark. Training can them can be a little hard than training other breeds of Pomsky because they are not needy. If you are going to train any Pomsky, they will start to follow your commands. They do this so that you will love them and offer them with food or treat. You should try to make them tired so that they sleep the right amount and do not get into trouble. There is a saying that boredom can kill a person. The same applies to them as well. They should be playing, walking and running throughout the day. The Pomskies who do not much get into trouble by swallowing things they should not or ruining things around the house.


Pomsky Food

Pomsky Food

If you are bringing a Pomsky home, it will be obvious that there will be changes in the diet. The alteration method should be slow, do not introduce them to new foods just yet. Find out from the previous owner of the Pomsky to know details about the diet. You should get them new food very slowly. You should feed it at least four times a day while it is small. You should start by providing the food with your hands instead of a spoon because they will know who to go to when they are hungry. It is a way to get friendly to the new pet. You should not just put food in its bowl and leave even though many pet owners do that. In this way, it will not have a fixed schedule and you will be unaware about how much it is eating. Later on, the Pomsky can get sick due to improper diet. After it finishes a meal, you have to take it out of the house. If you are not sure when it is having the food, there will be no fixed time to take it outside. Your Pomsky can get overweight if you are feeding it in the “free” way because all you do is leave food in the bowl every time it is empty. It can also get underweight because it may avoid eating the food without the supervision and attention of the owner. You have to know the exact amount you provide to it. You do not have to buy extra tools to measure how much you should feed them but just know that you are maintaining an accurate amount. You can use a measuring cup you use for cooking. The amount should depend on the size of the Pomsky, weight and how much it runs around the house. You can ask the vet or you can follow the instructions on the Pomsky food packets. If you train it from young age, it will not be troublesome. Some people ignore their pets and they turn into messy eaters. There are many reasons why your Pomsky can become a messy eater, one common reason is if you give it treats throughout the day. Some Pomskys will not have their food, do not worry because it can be that it is not hungry. If this is going on for days, it can be a matter to worry. If they are not eating and along with that you notice others symptoms like being drowsy, vomiting etc. If you have more than one Pomsky, you should get them to eat separately in different bowls. Make sure that one does not eat the food of other. People with multiples Pomskys have a common complain one of their Pomsky is eating the other one’s food from the bowl. Do not give them onions, grapes or raisins. Make sure that when you are cooking, you are not feeding it. In this way, they will get used to it and start to get aggressive the next time you do not give them something you are cooking. Never give them food from your plate. Sometimes, it can be hard if you and your friend is moving to a new place. They can stop eating like they usually do because of the surroundings. You can hire a Pomsky behaviorist to help. If you do not want to hire one, you can start by handling them yourself. Just like you fed them with your hand at your old place, do the same. If it is barking, then do not force it to eat. You can put the leash and collar and bring it to the food. If it does not eat, take it for a small walk and again bring it back to the food. Many people do not understand that Pomskies do not have a problem with eating the same food every day. They are not like humans. People tend to eat different foods throughout the week.  When you bring your Pomsky home, make sure you buy the perfect water and food bowls. Look for these features in them

  • If you are picking elevated bowls, make sure it can reach it. They should have a strong metal frame and the feet should have rubber at the bottom so that they can be firm on different kinds of floor.
  • No matter what kind of material you pick, they should be long-lasting. If you are going for steel bowls, they should be stainless. If you are choosing plastic, they should be durable enough to not break easily.
  • Does not require any additional materials or tools to work or adjust. They should be easy to use and can suit the size of your Pomsky. If they do not have to bend every time for the water or food, they will have no strain on their bones and they will be strong and in good shape.
  • A bowl that can hold the amount your Pomsky eats and more so that when you increase the amount you do not have to buy another bowl.
  • Make sure that it comes with warranty of several years. In that way, you can get assurance about how long it will last. Buy one that comes with money-back guarantee.
  • They should be dishwasher safe, bacteria-resistant, has a base with rubber to prevent noise and stay stable.
  • If you are still not sure which one to get, make sure it is recommended by the vet.

Things to do

When you least think your Pomsky will be rude to you, it can happen. They can become ill-mannered and hurt you. To make sure this does not happen, you should make sure they do not get bored or lazy for long time. It can happen that you missed a day of walking because of your busy schedule or bad climate outside. You should come up with other ways to get him to exercise or stay entertained. You can start by buying toys that can you can afford. It is not necessary to get expensive toys. You will find many of them in the market or online. Get a new toy each week. If you are going out without them for long hours, make sure you are leaving them toys that will keep them busy for a long time. If you did not manage to get a toy in a week, you can give them something you had before like an old teddy bear. While you stay at home, you can play a game to have fun. Hide several treats around the house and ask them to go get those. After they get use to the game, change the hiding place. Even though they are special designer Pomskys, they are still like typical Pomskys who love to play fetch or tug. Fetch is a great way to communicate with them and this will be an exercise. You should groom it regularly. Make sure you let it make new friends. Lastly, play games with it that makes it more intelligent. Ask them to guess on which hand you are holding the treat and such. Do not do anything to hurt their feelings.

Other Maintenance

If you have a Pomsky at home, you will have to maintain it more than Pomskys of another breed. If you had a Pomsky before who did not shed, then this could be an issue for you. They are going to shed occasionally. The fur on their body is different from other Pomskys and regular Pomeranian and Husky that is why they shed more than other Pomskys. A Pomeranian and Siberian Husky will shed but not as much as a Pomsky. You can take care of it by brushing it gently with a Pomsky brush. If you brush it every day, the loose fur that they shed will attach to it instead of random places around the house. Additionally, during the hot weather they will shed more because the day is longer and the sun provides heat for more extended hours. Medical researchers say that when the sun is high up, Pomskys shed more than during cold season. If you have a small baby, one factor to worry about is the shedding. One of the concerns previously mentioned was that, they tend to be unfriendly around children unless they know them from birth. They are comfortable around adults easily. If you are getting this kind of pet for you home, you should be careful about the fur. You can brush on a daily basis but they will still leave their hair here and there. If your children still crawl or has just learn to walk, you should not get a Pomsky. Wait for a year or so. The babies of this age tends to pick up anything from the ground and insert it in their mouth. If you still have one, you can keep the Pomsky away from the child’s bedroom and play area.

You will have to take care of the Pomsky’s teeth. The owners of the Pomskies are always confused on how to do it. The good thing is that there is less probability to get cavity but they can still develop toothache if the inside of the mouth is not clean. They are prone to develop tartar, gingivitis and other germs along their gums. They will develop bad breath along with creamy teeth. Having dirty mouth can lead to problems in the liver, heart and the digestive system. The germs travel down the mouth into their system. Make sure that your Pomeranian Husky gets the proper dental care it needs to maintain hygienic conditions.  Another way to keep it healthy, besides taking it to walk every day and providing the right type of food is by taking care of the teeth. The vets say that most pet owners do not take care of their Pomsky’s teeth and they end up in bad condition after five years.

Just like you are going to brush the coat daily and take it for walks, do not forget to brush its teeth. You should take it for a checkup from the vet. Do not use any tooth brush or tooth paste that you have at home. There is toothpaste that is designed for the Pomskys and particularly the Pomskies. Make sure the foods you provide it does not cause too much buildup of plague. You can do this by asking your vet. Before you want to feed something new to it, contact the vet to know will it be dangerous for the Pomsky. They know which food and toothpaste is best for the Pomsky.

Do not ignore brushing just because it is going to be a tough thing to do. It can difficult for the Pomsky to understand what you are doing. You will get them to gradually understanding what brushing is and by that time, they will automatically come to you. Even though they are not needy, as mentioned before, you can still reward them when they do the brushing right. Start with buying the right kind of brush. You can buy a 45 degrees brush instead of a finger brush. Look for these qualities in the brush for best results.

  • Take less time and easy to use.
  • Every stroke cleans the enamels, gum line and the gums.
  • Come with a firm grip and a proper and high-quality handle.
  • Easy oral care that leaves the Pomsky with fresh breath.
  • Soft bristles so that you do not hurt it.
  • Can reach the nooks and crannies to clean out germs.
  • Dog grooming professional recommended, they are experts so pick one that they prefer.
  • Proportional to the size of your Pomsky.
  • Can stand against germs and have flavor that the Pomsky likes.

While you are starting to brush, make sure that your friend is comfortable and you are talking to it while the brushing is going on. Do not force him to brush. Many individuals make the mistake of using human toothpaste to brush their Pomsky’s teeth. We all know the main ingredient is fluoride. It is harmful for Pomskys. There are treats and chew toys that are designed to clean the germs away from their mouth. You can get them because they love to chew them.

If you need help with cleaning the teeth, the vet is always there to help. You should take it for oral exams. If your Pomsky loves to eat, they should be taken to the vet more often. If you can take proper care, the vet will not have to do much. If you are someone, who does not know how to take care of the teeth, the vet will have to do a lot of work.

      A Pomsky