Reasons why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed

why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed? There are a lot of reasons why pet owners have to purchase a different bed for their pets. You have to buy the perfect bed for your canine friend that is easy to maintain and durable. You do not want to spend your money on something that will get torn up in few days. It can happen that you love your Pomsky so much that you cannot go to bed without it. You love to wake up with it by your side or have it lick your face. You can also make it sleep in the crate. Many Pomsky owners sleep with their pets and think it is normal but it is dangerous. It is unhealthy for the two of you.

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Things the Pomsky do not like

Kicking each other

First of all, if your Pomsky has pain in the legs after running all day, there is a chance for its hind legs to rise and hit you. The same applies for you. You will not know when you will hurt your puppy unintentionally in your sleep with your leg movements. It will make both your body hurt, reduce the response of the immune system and make the sleep restless. You both will lack energy when you get up for work. Many pet owners have this complain that their puppy or Pomsky disturbs their sleep at night. They both end up with sleep deprivation which results in mental health problems.

Developing allergies

Pollen allergies are common in many people. Dust is another allergen that causes a lot of illness in many individuals. You may think that you are not allergic to Pomskys, so why you are sneezing or becoming sick. It is because of the pollen, dust or some grass that got stuck in its fur when it was playing outside or urinating. Many people in the United States have pollen allergy. It is when the immune system protects the body from destructive attackers. It thinks that the pollen is a risky thing and starts to battle with it.

Urinating on the bed

No matter how much you train it to go outside for urinating, it can happen that did not listen to you in the middle of the night. You are sleeping and it did not want to go out alone. All these resulted in the Pomsky urinating on the bed. It will be difficult to buy a new mattress again and again. It is also a challenging task to steam clean it. It is not a fun task.

Aggressive behavior

The Pomsky will not like it if someone else is sleeping on its spot. If you have a well-behaved Pomsky, it will change to a rowdy one because it believes that is it just as dominating as you are. It thinks that it is protecting you and if someone takes its place it will become angry. In fact, every time you lie down on the bed, it will expect that you cuddle with it. Make rules about the Pomsky jumping on the bed whenever it feels like. Stop it from having that freedom.

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