Why No Bark Collars are dangerous in Pomsky training?

Why no bark collars are dangerous in Pomsky training? No bark collars can help you in Pomsky training if it has a barking problem. You can neighbors complaining that your Pomsky barks too much or you can get irritated by its nuisance. Therefore, many pet owners purchase this but is it really safe? You should consider what your puppy is thinking and how it is feeling. It has emotions too. If you are friendly and affectionate, it will be a happy puppy. If you are angry, screaming at it and not respecting it, it will be an upset one. Depression in Pomskys is something you cannot ignore.

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No matter what the special features are of the no bark collars, buying it is never a good idea. The sellers and manufacturers will claim that their one is different. They will say that “it does not cause any physical harm that lasts” or “it is an approved and safe item to correct your Pomsky’s behavior”. There are three kinds of collar: sonic, shock and citronella. Generally, they come with the capacity to find out chords. The collar gives off a stimulus to the puppy and warns him about the result of barking. They will fit in their neck but it can hurt while you put it. They look similar to nylon collars for Pomskys available in the market. The sonic collars create a noise that only Pomskys can hear, the shock Pomsky collars give off an electric current and the citronella collars give of spray of citrus.

There are many cons of using them while there are no pros. First of all, even though they come with adjustable settings, there is no mode that is comforting for the Pomsky. The citronella or the spray collars are not even adjustable. If you ask around people for advantages of using them, the first thing they would is fast results. The sad part is that the Pomskys get scared of the shock and learns to behave. If you have a Pomsky with an attitude problem, it can get more difficult. It will keep on getting shocks and pain but will not alter the behavior. Therefore, fast results are not an advantage we can consider. You can be absent and the Pomsky will not bark. It is not a positive thing either because you cannot risk putting such dangerous collars on them and leave them unsupervised. Besides, pet owners should not leave their friends to be alone with or without the collar at home or even outside.

There are many more disadvantages. The first drawback and the most important one would be that you will be causing pain to the Pomsky. It is considered as a hostile adjustment to its behavior. The collars are not something flawless, it can provide shock or hurt your Pomsky even when it is not barking. Every device comes with glitches. We all know that training a Pomsky should be followed by a reward such as treats. Here, the Pomsky gets no reward whatsoever instead only pain follows. Lastly, you will end up with a scared puppy who is going to be afraid of anything that comes on its way.

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