Pros and Cons of Getting a Pomsky (2018)

What are pros and cons of getting a Pomsky? Pomsky is about 10 to 15 inches high, with a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. They are energetic. If you have children, having a Pomsky will not be the right choice. Now, you should know that owning them has some advantages and disadvantages.

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Car Training Your Pomsky

How to train your Pomsky? You should expect your Pomsky to have car problems or behavioral changes when it is about to ride it. It is because of car sickness, fright of riding inside a vehicle and their restless territorial behavior. If the puppy is scared of riding the car or gets sick afterwards, you can explain it that there is nothing fearful or dangerous about it. It can happen that it had a bad experience riding a car before. Therefore, you should introduce your car to the Pomsky is a pleasant manner and makes sure it has a nice experience.

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Begin by sitting in it with your Pomsky. Do not leave the car or start the engine. It should be a car where you do not start anything but just sit there. You can read a book while you both are sitting there. Give your canine friend some time to understand that there is nothing wrong with the car. It will get rid of its fright slowly. You will know that it is getting accustomed to the inside of the car as soon as you see that it is relaxing. It can vary from Pomsky to Pomsky. For example, a puppy can start relaxing quickly after it notices that there is nothing wrong about the vehicle. Another Pomsky can get scared because of past experience and take a long time to start liking the inside of the car.

If your puppy is a brave one or a calm one, you should have less trouble. It will get used to sitting inside the car without being scared or sick. After that start the engine and still sit in the car without driving. It can happen that the running engine is a new thing that can scare away your four-legged buddy. If you have a scared puppy or Pomsky, make the training sessions small. Staying inside a shutdown car can make it sick. The process of training should be slow and steady when it is about a Pomsky with anxiety. After the nervousness completely fades away, start the engine and do not go anywhere. You should be ready for unexpected behavior from it because it was already scared in the shutdown car.

The next step after you begin the engine and it gets familiar is to drive around small distances. If your Pomsky has a favorite place such as the park, beach or a relative’s house. Take it there. The experience should be fun and if the training is going well do not forget the rewards. If you have a playful and active puppy who is not a food lover, you can reward it with a game of fetch at the park and a lot of praise. If you have someone who loves food as rewards, provide them with treats. Never try to rush the process or get angry. You will only end up making it more scared and full of fright. The car training will become more difficult. You have to teach your Pomsky to listen to you. That means before you let it enter the car, you should complete the obedience training. There are many people complaining that their Pomskys do not listen to them. It is a risk to take them inside the car.

How to Make Your Pomsky Sleep at Night

How to make your Pomsky sleep at night? Some problems can stop your Pomsky from sleeping. It is not normal if your puppy is not sleeping at least twelve hours. Therefore, as the pet owner, look for the problems. Look at your Pomsky. Is it overweight? Obese puppies have trouble breathing during sleep so they cannot get a full night’s rest. If it is a small one, it could be that it is missing its old place. You bought it from the breeder. Therefore, it can happen that it is being unable to sleep because it is missing that place. Since, after birth it was there for some time. Pomskies love to be active and if you do not exercise them enough, they will have insomnia. You have to make them tired through walking, running and exercising. The reason is if it has some pain inside the body. It can health issues that you do not know. Here is what you should to help it sleep all night.

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Provide ice cubes

Ice cubes will avoid making it want to urinate and they will keep them hydrated and cool. You should place some ice cubes in the water bowl. If you just leave water and it drinks that, they will want to pee because they small bladders. You should take it out one last time and after that send it to its bed to sleep. If you do not make that a routine, it will not know when to sleep. You should not start to play or do anything else after bringing it from outside. It should understand after weeks that after the last time it has to go to bed.

Put it in the crate

You should start crate training as soon as you get it. Do not wait for it to get old because that will be difficult for you. Provide it with treats when it enters the crate. In that way, you will quickly have a pup who lives in a confined space. It will not roam around the house and if it sees you sleeping, it will do the same. Restriction is important to make it get a proper rest for the whole night.

Change the meal time

If you see that ice cubes and the crate is not helping, look at the meal times. It can happen that it is hungry. Hunger can keep humans up and the same applies for the Pomsky. If the tummy is growling, it will not be able to snooze the whole night. If you want it to doze but get proper rest, make sure the meal time is not far away from its sleeping hours. If it is full, it will go to a deep sleep.

Adjust the environment

You should find out what your Pomsky likes. One day you should try keeping the house fully quiet and turn off the light, does it sleep or it cannot stand the silence? If that is the case, on another day, turn on the radio and see if it falls asleep. If it is scared of the dark, keep the lights on. Either of the scenarios will work and put them to rest.

The pros and cons of using a computer log for the Pomsky

What are pros and cons of using a computer log for the Pomsky? We know that there are several methods you can use to track the Pomsky’s training progress. You can choose the simple pen and paper method. You can also opt for the printed paper log but that does not contain much details. No matter what you choose, you can see that the puppy is improving its skills and learning abilities. The third method that is becoming popular with the technology advancement is the computer log.

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Pros and cons of getting a Pomsky

Smartphone, tabs and iPads are now in everyone’s hands. If you look at a crowd somewhere such as the waiting room at the doctor’s chamber or inside a train, you will notice all the people have their eyes on the phones. They use it to communicate with others and share photos, messages and videos. There are a lot of benefits in this method and some drawbacks follow as well.

The advantages

• Make modifications as much as you want. There is no limit no how many times you want to cut off or edit a line, word or a phrase. If you are using a notebook, you will be unable to make too much alterations. It will look dirty and messy with all the corrections you make. If you want, you cannot add a new sentence that you forgot to write without making look like a mistake.

• You can put a lot of details. Even though the printed form would look clean as a log and help scan important information, you cannot write too much. For example, let us discuss its activity on a particular day. You rate it out of five on distraction level, stamina, aggression and fear. It if did not get distracted on that day, not even by a squirrel, you rate it 1. If it had a lot of stamina and energy that day, circle the five with a pen. If it was somewhat aggressive, circle 3 or 4. If you found it to be scared of something that day, make a round around the 4 or 5 depending on the level of its fright. As you can see, there is not much explanation or any personal views or opinions. After few months or a year, when you look back, you will not remember what happened. If you write on a computer log with details, when you look back at it, you will feel like an achiever. “I trained my Pomsky to not get distracted by squirrels and today it saw one and did not get interrupted, that was amazing” This line sounds so much satisfying than a circle around the 1.

• You can share it with others easily along with a video or several photos. A lot of people will get to know about the puppy and you can share your experience. In this way, others will benefit from your mistakes and teachings.

The disadvantage

• It is difficult to have a phone with a full battery. The smartphones turn off automatically and you will be unable to log anything that day. You always have to keep a backup, such a copy on another device so that you do not lose the logs.

pomksy puppies

Why you should include water in the Pomsky’s diet?

Why you should include water in the Pomsky’s diet? If you have a Pomsky, it is a common scenario for you that when you both come home after the daily walks, it hurries up to its water bowl and drinks a lot. It is not new for you and other pet owners. Not only Pomskies, all kinds of Pomskys get thirsty often and particularly after walks. Think about yourself, do you not get thirsty after a long walk, run or a big exercise?

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It is obvious that you being a responsible pet owner, concentrate on its health and well-being. You look into the nutrition of different types of food and find out which is going to be beneficial for it. It is surprising that many pet owners ignore the significance of water. You should know that water is the most vital nutrient you can give them all day. Pet owners do not care about it and leave a bowl all day long. If it is not drinking enough water, it will decrease in lifespan. It can happen that you just provide it with a single bowl of water. Even if you are going on trips, take a bottle just for it. Lack of water can cause death. They will overheat particularly if they stay out for a long time. Do not tie them for long hours where they are unable to drink. In fact, do not keep the water bowl in a distance that it cannot reach or find. It can lose a lot of protein and fat from the body but still be alright whereas a slight absence of water will make them sick.

Since you care a lot about your Pomsky, you should why it needs the water. First of all, their body is made of water. It is not just their mass but it the main reason that keeps all the function going on in its body. It helps them digest food, makes absorption of nutrient easy and maintains the body temperature. The body organs will stop functioning and get destroyed without sufficient amount of water. Therefore, the main responsible as a pet owner is to make that it is receiving enough water. Start with supplying fresh water every day. You should clean the bowl and refill with new water. If you do not clean the bowl, parasites can grow because of the moisture. Check the Pomsky’s weight. It should be drinking one and half ounce of water for each pound. For example, if you have a Pomsky of 15 pounds, provide it with 15 to 20 ounces’ water. If it is a puppy, it will different needs for water. After it gets old, it will require a varied amount of water.

You should understand that all Pomskies are not the same. If you have a pup who loves to stay outside, play fetch and run all day long, you need to increase the water intake. Even if it is not that playful and active, do not ignore providing it with plenty of water. If it is sick or requires medication, it will need more water. When you go for daily walks, you can carry water for it. It can lose water through sweat, vomit and diarrhea. If your active pup suddenly turns lazy or if you have a food lover who suddenly stopped eating, all these can mean that there is dehydration.

Four Things to do to have a healthy Pomsky

How to  to have a healthy Pomsky? There are many things you have to notice when you are a Pomsky owner. You will get confused and puzzled about a lot of things such as whether you should share food with it or not. Consult the vet for any kind of queries related to health and you will have a happy pup.  Here are four things you can do and make your Pomsky healthy and happy.

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Let it socialize

Pomskies are social and they would love to play with other Pomskys. Take them to training classes because you will find similar puppies over there. Take it to walks at the part and at the beach. If it is socializing, do not stop it or grad it home. Just like the way you need friends and companions, it also needs some buddies. It will guarantee a long lifetime because it will be a content puppy. Depression is getting common in Pomskys and it can reduce the lifespan. That does not mean that you stop playing with it. It requires human friends as well. Let your kids and other people who loves Pomskys to play or at least talk to it.

Do not let it walk alone

Do not let it go out alone and when it busy streets always have the leash on. It can result in accidents and other injuries if it is walking freely on a busy street. You can take the leash off for a certain period of time in the park where you see that the environment is safe. That does not mean that you let it go by itself and you engage in other activities. Monitor its movement and play session. Notice where it is going and what it is doing. Attach an ID tag with your name and contact number so that even if it runs away, the person who finds it can get it back for you.

Take it to checkups

Since you are the pet owner, it is your job to take the Pomsky to the vet on a yearly basis for a checkup. Take it twice or thrice a year and you will be able to guarantee it with good health. Sometimes there are illness that does not show any symptom and when you find out about the disease, it is too late for a solution. Knowing about an illness or a disease beforehand can save its life. You should be up to date with the vaccines and protect them from canine distemper, rabies, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza and etc.

Stop sharing food

Do not let it have human food and do not share. If you offer food from the plate while you are eating, it will develop the bad habit of begging. Ensure that other members in the house are not giving it food from the table. Human foods are not tolerable for Pomskies, particularly the ones high in sugar. Provide it with its treats but not your food. Find out what kind of food is suitable for the Pomsky.

Reasons why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed

why should not let your Pomsky sleep in your bed? There are a lot of reasons why pet owners have to purchase a different bed for their pets. You have to buy the perfect bed for your canine friend that is easy to maintain and durable. You do not want to spend your money on something that will get torn up in few days. It can happen that you love your Pomsky so much that you cannot go to bed without it. You love to wake up with it by your side or have it lick your face. You can also make it sleep in the crate. Many Pomsky owners sleep with their pets and think it is normal but it is dangerous. It is unhealthy for the two of you.

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Kicking each other

First of all, if your Pomsky has pain in the legs after running all day, there is a chance for its hind legs to rise and hit you. The same applies for you. You will not know when you will hurt your puppy unintentionally in your sleep with your leg movements. It will make both your body hurt, reduce the response of the immune system and make the sleep restless. You both will lack energy when you get up for work. Many pet owners have this complain that their puppy or Pomsky disturbs their sleep at night. They both end up with sleep deprivation which results in mental health problems.

Developing allergies

Pollen allergies are common in many people. Dust is another allergen that causes a lot of illness in many individuals. You may think that you are not allergic to Pomskys, so why you are sneezing or becoming sick. It is because of the pollen, dust or some grass that got stuck in its fur when it was playing outside or urinating. Many people in the United States have pollen allergy. It is when the immune system protects the body from destructive attackers. It thinks that the pollen is a risky thing and starts to battle with it.

Urinating on the bed

No matter how much you train it to go outside for urinating, it can happen that did not listen to you in the middle of the night. You are sleeping and it did not want to go out alone. All these resulted in the Pomsky urinating on the bed. It will be difficult to buy a new mattress again and again. It is also a challenging task to steam clean it. It is not a fun task.

Aggressive behavior

The Pomsky will not like it if someone else is sleeping on its spot. If you have a well-behaved Pomsky, it will change to a rowdy one because it believes that is it just as dominating as you are. It thinks that it is protecting you and if someone takes its place it will become angry. In fact, every time you lie down on the bed, it will expect that you cuddle with it. Make rules about the Pomsky jumping on the bed whenever it feels like. Stop it from having that freedom.

Why deterrent spray is the perfect training tool? 

Why deterrent spray is the perfect training tool? You can make deterrent taste sprays at home or buy them online or from pet stores. They are an effective training tool and keeps your Pomsky from chewing on different materials around the house. They can chew on furniture, shoes and cables. They are the harmless and will help you while you are training to not chew. Chewing is a common issue in Pomskies and you cannot think that they will not ruin anything just because they are small. They can cause more damage than a Labrador Retriever. If the one you bought from store does not stop the puppy from chewing, you can make one at home. Here are some reasons why they make an excellent training tool.

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Budget Price

The price is not much compared to the service it provides. It costs below $20. Imagine it can cause ruins of over hundred dollars. Therefore, you can manage to spend several dollars on the useful spray. It allows you protect your valuable items and expensive furniture. If you have brought new cables for your smartphone costing around hundred dollars. They will mistake it by thinking it is a chew toy. Even though they are intelligent Pomsky breeds, you cannot blame it for chewing on your things. If you still have problem with the price, you can always make one yourself with vinegar! The one you make at home does not require any special or pricy ingredient.


It works on every kind of materials you spray on and does not leave a residue. You can spray on the leather sofas, fabric clothing, wood furniture, Christmas light and so on. Your things will stay in their place. There will be no destruction and nobody will ruin your items. The Pomeranian Husky can get the feeling it is charge of the house. The behavior of being the leader can come from the Siberian Husky because they are sled Pomskys. They are fast and strong Pomsky breeds. It can also be aggressive when you are trying to train it to not chew. That is why the spray bottle is going to be your solution. Since they are intelligent, every time it will see the bottle it wills top chewing so you do not even have to worry about it finishing off.  It works on Pomskies of all age. If you just brought it home and when you come home and find chew marks, it is time to start spraying. If the Pomsky is teething, it is the right time to use it. If you apply it, the Pomsky will stay away from the things it loves to chew. It also works for adult Pomskys.

Easy to use

It is a spray bottle that comes with no challenge or difficulties. If you are making it at home, buy a new bottle. You cannot use an old one you have lying at your home because it can contain toxic chemicals. Do not use bottles that had something else in it no matter how many times you rinse or clean it with soap and water. You cannot risk it so it is a must that you buy new spray bottles for DIY deterrent spray.