5 Causes of Weight Loss in a Pomsky

What are Causes of Weight Loss in a Pomsky? It is alright if you Pomsky is one or two pounds below its average weight. If you notice that it has lost a lot of weight all of a sudden and that too, at a rapid pace, you should consider checking it. There are several reasons why the sudden loss in weight happened.

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1. Tapeworm

Pomskies love to run around and play all day. They will like to sniff in the park and dig in your backyard. All this can stop when a tapeworm is living inside of it. It is your responsibility to provide it with the best food so that it can be healthy. The sad part is that the tapeworm takes away all the nutrients and the puppy gets thin. There are many places from where it can get that. While it was playing outside, it can swallow one by mistake or while grooming itself. Tapeworms are dangerous creates which are small parasites that attaches themselves to the Pomsky’s small intestine walls. Do not think that the salon of the Pomsky groomer is safe. It can collect fleas from there.

2. Diabetes 

It is a common problem in Pomskys nowadays and a Pomsky is not out of risk. There is a danger of it getting diabetes, particularly if it is not able to control sugar in the blood. Never share your food with it because our food has a high level of sugar. If you notice that it is eating a lot and there is no loss in appetite, do not think it as a good sign. It could still lose weight and that is a concern. That is what diabetes does to the Pomsky, it will eat a lot but lose a lot of body mass.

3. Liver problems

The job of this organ is to process the carbohydrates and sugar in the body. If there is the Pomsky has liver disease, it will not be capable of proving the puppy’s body with the necessary nutrients. You can prevent liver diseases by making sure the environment does not contain any material that is toxic for the Pomsky. Start by keeping all the houseplants away, even the most common ones such as lilies. The liver also removes the toxins but if there is a disease, it will stop eating. That will cause a loss in weight. The good news is that there are treatments for liver diseases.

4. Thyroid issues

You should take the puppy for a checkup and find out if the loss in body mass is happening due to thyroid issues. It can happen where there is a balance of hormones. The vet knows how to cure the problem. The thyroid glands increase the metabolism and that makes it eat more and still lose weight.

5. Mouth Injuries

A Pomsky thinks that it is strong and can do anything. It might hurt itself while it is thinking that way. You should always supervise it. If it has a cur in the mouth, it will not want to eat as the eating will become painful. That will make them shed a lot of pounds.

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