Pomsky Problems

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Common signs of Small Dog Syndrome in Pomskies 

What are common signs of small Pomsky syndrome? The Pomskies have a behavior that is a combination of its parents. Their Pomeranian parent is responsible if your Pomsky has Small Dog Syndrome. It happens to those Pomskys that are small in size and the owners treat them like royalty. It happens because they are small in size, and when they want people to pamper them, they become successful. If a big Pomsky such as a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd wants to run around and get up on us, we would immediately get rid of this behavior. Their size makes it an inappropriate behavior. Many pet owners ignore this when it is about small Pomskys and particularly Pomskies. If you are not sure whether your puppy has Small Dog Syndrome or not, check for the following symptoms.

5 Consequences of an obese Pomsky

What are consequences of an obese Pomsky? You obviously love your Pomsky and one way you show love is by providing it with lots of treats and delicious foods. We all know that lack of nutrients can make it look sick and cause illness, so you provide it with a lot of healthy foods. There is a limit to everything, and if you are feeding them more than they need, you are going to end up with an obese Pomsky. It will have a lot of body fat that can cause problems. Here are some ways it can become fat.