Things the Pomsky do not like

What are things the Pomsky do not like? There are many things that you or other members in the house can do that will annoy the Pomsky. It is dangerous and you should be careful about it. It can happen that you have a child and he or she is getting along with the puppy. Some Pomskies do not like kids. They will bark at them without any reason. If your pup is not behaving like that you should not push its limit. It can be simply tolerating. For example, it does not like children or hugs and if you make your kid pose with it for a photo, there can be a danger for your child. It will bite your son or daughter. Here are more things that the Pomeranian Husky dislikes and you should know beforehand to avoid trouble.

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When you are being tense

It does not like it when you take it out for walks and you are being nervous.  It is obvious that you will have anxiety when you see other Pomskys. You never know how the Pomsky will react with them. We can tell when we see a person who is feeling tense, the same goes for them too. They do not like that feeling at all. You should be calm or at least look normal from the outside. It will understand that you are tense by noticing the way you hold on to the leash.

When you interact with other Pomskys

Pomsky is sensitive to feelings that is why it always craves for love and attention. If you are petting a friend’s Pomsky in front of it, it will think you do not love it. They do not like this at all. For example, if you see that instead of praising you, your best friend is complimenting and spending time with someone else. You will get depressed. The same applies for them. They will lose their appetite and become sick. They consider you as their best buddy and wants you to only give all your time and energy to them.

When you use the vacuum cleaner

You should be cleaning your home with the device. That is a regular routine you have been following throughout the years but the Pomsky can think differently. The reason you will need to clean more about the house is because it will shed. It will be shedding everywhere and there will be fur all around the house and the car. While you are using the device to clean the fur, it will not like it. Not because you are cleaning the fur, it does not like the machine.

When you wake it

Never interrupt its sleep. Let is walk up by itself. You do not want a puppy who will be behaving strangely with you all day. Interruption in their sleep can be the cause. They sleep deeply and the sudden waking up is something they hate. You should also tell other members in the home to never touch it during sleep or call it to make it get up. They do not like the shocks they get after waking up from a deep sleep.

DIY Deterrent Spray for Your Pomsky

How to diy deterrent spray for your Pomsky? You can have a Pomsky that ruins your items and furniture and you are unable to find a way to stop it. You can buy a deterrent spray from the pet store but they will finish up quickly. You will have to purchase over and over again and that can be expensive. The solution is to make one at home. Before you use them, you can try other methods and see if the bad habit stops. It is a part of the house training.

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The first part of the training is to include appropriate chewing. There are toys that should attract your Pomsky to chew on it. It should be the perfect size and color. Just be sure that it does not swallow it. Never give it something that is related to things around the house it can chew. You can give an old bag to chew on but it will not comprehend the difference between that one and the new bad you are currently using. The second part of the training is to take away the thing directly away from its mouth and provide it with the chew toy. If it listens to you like an obedient Pomsky and does not cause any disturbance, you should reward it with a treat or praise. In that way, it will learn what to chew and what not to.

If all the training fails, simply make a deterrent at home. Here is what you will need:

· Spray bottle (empty and clean)

· White vinegar

· Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

Step 1: As you can see above, the first thing is the spray bottle. You have to purchase an empty bottle because if use one you have lying at home it can have toxic chemicals that are leftovers. Buy one with the correct comfortable grip that fits your hand and makes it easy to use. Buy one that can spray at any angle and has a wide mouth so it is easy to fill it up. You cannot risk it by using a bottle that once had something in it.

Step 2: Gather the ingredients. Add 8 ounces of white vinegar and 15 ounces of apple cider vinegar into the bottle. If you do not have apple cider vinegar you have to use the same amount of lemon juice. That is the core ingredient that acts as the repellent. The lemon juice and apple cider vinegar has the ability to create a pungent and sour taste.

Step 3: Start spraying on objects it chews. The taste will fade away after several days so you have to continue with the application. If you are not regular about spraying, the four-legged friend of yours will ruin your valuable things.  Including the deterrent spray in the training is a good idea.


• Make sure that your puppy is far away when you are spraying around everywhere. It is dangerous for its eyes even though it is homemade and non-toxic

• Do not apply on its body such as the paws if it chews on them. If it is chewing on its body parts, that means there is a problem and you should consult a vet instead of operating yourself

• The spray is not going to be hundred percent effective for some Pomskies so you have to continue training without it.


Pomsky Lethargy Symptoms

What are Pomsky lethargy symptoms? Dog lethargy can happen for a number of different reasons and causes. It could be because of illness or other medical conditions. If you notice it to get thirsty more than usual or it is having trouble breathing, you should know that there is a chance it is losing energy. More symptoms include: hormonal changes, anemia, heart conditions, inflammation, infection, respiratory issues etc. It is easy to tell if your Pomsky has this because they are always lively and playful. If you see that it is not interested in playing in anymore, that could be a problem.

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The definition of lethargy is losing energy or being exhausted. It is a side effect when it has some other disease making it sick. Do not ignore your Pomsky not being itself. You should know that it can be something serious. You should observe it carefully to find out other symptoms of illness such as redness in the eye.

What is lethargy in a Pomsky

When you are tired, you will sleep more than usual. The same applies for the puppies as well. When it there is exhaustion, you will notice that the sleeping time has increased a lot. It will respond to you slowly. If you have successfully trained it to come when you call it, you will understand it more easily. If it has lethargy, it will not come. Even if it does come, it will be slow and silent. You will not find excitement in them. If you arrive home, you should have an energetic puppy who is eager to play with you and missed you while you were not here. If it is behaving like those Pomskys who does not want to move and sit in one place, that could be a problem as well. Do not think that you can finally get rest from all the playing and activities. If you are someone who does not want excitement right after entering through the front door, you should opt for Pomskys who likes to be do-nothing. Do not worry, there are many Pomskys that love to be idle and just sit and watch television.

What causes lethargy in a Pomsky

There are many reasons for it to develop this problem. You should see that is it just being lazy for a day or is the behavior continues. Look for other signs of illness. Is it losing its appetite or is it unable to stand? Look at the symptoms that can be the source of another disease. It can even have problems in the eye so it cannot be active like the other days. You should take good care of the Pomsky’s eyes since they have a chance of developing cataracts. Take it to the vet for testing. Here are some diseases and illnesses that might cause lethargy in a Pomsky

1. Cancer

2. Infection

3. Respiratory or heart problems

4. Blood disorders such as anemia

5. Physical traumas

6. Skin diseases

7. Intestinal problems

8. Hormonal disorder

9. Dehydration

Bathing the Pomsky at different ages

How to bath the Pomsky at different ages? It depends on you and your situation whether or not you would like to purchase a Pomsky bath tub. Since Pomskies are small, you can choose to clean them in the laundry sink. You can start by placing some cotton ball in the ears so that water does not enter. Even if you notice water, wipe it off instantly with a cotton ball or a dry cloth.  Cotton balls are dangerous as it can cause infection. Take them out of its ears immediately after the shower and make sure you do not forget about this. A Pomsky is going to run away after the shower, so take the cotton out first.

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The water should not be cold and make the puppy wet. Use the right amount of shampoo. Begin from its neck and go down to its tail. You should wash the face first as the water can get dirty. When purchasing the shampoo, get one that is going to match its needs. If it has tick and flea problems, go for that one. If it has sensitive skin, go for that one. Do not use human shampoos. They are active and playful and you cannot extend the time of the grooming session. You should keep the bath as short as possible. Therefore, apply the leave-in conditioner. If it has fleas, you will be able to see it during the rinsing.

Bathing Pomskies that are under one year of age

You should not wait for training or grooming your Pomsky. From the first day, you bring it home, that is when you should start. You do not have to give it baths too much when they are young because it will wash away the natural oils. You should wash them to get the dirt away and protect from disease and illness. Recurrent washing is going to be harmful for them. While it is young and small, you do not have to use the shampoo and conditioner. Plain water is alright and when it is too dirty, use a mild shampoo. Blow dry the pup.

Bathing Pomskies that are over one year of age

The number of times you wash it depends on its activity level. If it gets dirty quickly, you will have to bath it frequently. When the weather outside is cold, do not skip bath. That means do not ignore giving it a shower during the shower as it can make them ill. If you see that it has dry skin, you will want to reduce the number of bath each month. If the skin is not so dry, it is alright to give them regular baths. You can use leave-in conditioner after each bath so that their fur is shining. Not only does it enhance their looks, it makes their skin and fur get the nutrients they need. While purchasing bathe supplies, make sure they are all made of high-quality materials. Before the washing, you should clip its nails and brush it thoroughly using a bristle brush. In that way, you will avoid knots and tangles. You will end up with a Pomsky that looks its best.