Know when your Pomsky needs dental care

Why do your Pomsky needs dental care? Pomskies are prone to cavities as much as we are but that does not mean that they will not have teeth problems. They can have tartar, gingivitis and plaque. The worst part is that the issues are not only incorporated within the teeth, it affects their kidney, liver and heart. Start with the purchase of the perfect toothbrush and a Pomsky toothpaste. Do not wait for it to get old to start brushing, it will be easy to make it comfortable when it is a puppy. There are a lot of things you can do improve the oral health.  Here are some signs that you need you take it to the vet for dental care when you see them.

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Maintaining Pomsky’s healthy teeth

Bad breath

Bad breath in canine happens because of gum or dental disease and Pomskies are prone to tartar and plaque. You may think that this is a regular thing for Pomskys, then you are somewhat correct since they do not brush their teeth or use oral rinse every day. If the smell is consistent and it is getting worse with each day, you may want to consider taking it to the professional. It can cause more problems in the internal organs such as the respiratory system. While the smelly breath is unpleasant for everyone in the house, it can indicate something serious. It can be because of diabetes, teething, liver issues etc.

Change in Eating habits

A lose in appetite is something you can easily notice particularly if you have a food lover. They will stop asking for treats and refuse the meals. The reason is because of their teeth. It is because they have difficulty in chewing which causes them pain when they are trying to eat. That is why, they think it is best to avoid eating. Whenever you notice loss of appetite in a Pomsky, it means illness. Therefore, go to a vet immediately. If you had a Pomsky who never ate properly, this sign can be hard to notice.

Extreme drooling

There are many reasons why they drool and the most common cause is because of teeth problems. It is causing her discomfort and pain. As mentioned above, they are prone to tartar and it can cause too much drooling. If a dental problem is present inside the mouth and the vet is not treating it, there will be excessive salivating.

Stained teeth

A Pomsky’s teeth are white and shiny. It is not supposed to be stained. If you see that it is yellow, it happens because of the tartar. It will accompany bacteria and bad breadth. A professional can take care of this before the matter gets out of hand.  You can also avoid this sign and problem by brushing it properly.

Broken or loose teeth

Do not think that there is no problem when your Pomsky loses a tooth. It can happen because the bacteria have eaten the bind that keeps the tooth in place. A loose tooth can happen if it chewed on something hard such as a bone.

Five Reasons to Groom Your Pomsky Regularly

Why do you need to Groom your Pomsky regularly? Grooming your Pomsky is essential. From skin and coat health to appropriate socialization, there are a lot of reasons to do it. It is more than just having a beautiful puppy. You are protecting its health. For example, trimming the hair around the eyes can stop eye infection or redness. Here are some reasons why you should groom your Pomsky.

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Reduce Shedding

We all know that the Pomskies are famous for shedding. It has become a big problem in them and the solution is consistent grooming. You cannot stop or avoid shedding since it is their normal characteristics but you can brush the fur on a daily basis. It will help you both relax and spend some time together. If you do not brush it, you see fur lying here and there. You will have to vacuum the whole house, as a result the task becomes difficult. Therefore, instead of thinking grooming to be a chore, think of it as a way to spend time together. Although, if you lack free time you can always hire a professional. They come with the proper training and experience to do the job. You will notice less shedding because the brushing stimulates oil fabricating glands which makes it healthy.

Spend time together

As mentioned before, you should think of it as a fun task. The reason you brought home the Pomsky was to take full care of it. Simply taking it to the vet, feeding it and exercising will not be enough. Just like you brush your teeth, shampoo your hair and smell nice, you should do the same for your canine friend. It will get used to touching and you can brush its fur or cut its nails.

Evade Medical Problems

While you are grooming, you will notice its eyes, ears, teeth etc. You can get rid of any problem you see before it gets serious. Grooming is important even if you are not doing it. For example, a professional will able to tell from touch if there is something growing the skin such as a tumor. You can take it to the vet right away. You can increase the lifespan of a Pomsky this way because when you treat an illness at first stage, there is no harm. If you take it to the vet at a final stage, you will lose the puppy.

Save money

While you are doing it yourself or a professional is helping you in grooming, you will find out a lot of problems that will cost less money to cure. For example, when you brush it regularly, you will be able to maintain its oral hygiene and it will not have any dental problems. Therefore, in the future you do not have to pay the dentists thousands of dollars for a dental problem. You will have no expense. All you have to do is purchase a brush and a Pomsky toothpaste.

Make it look good

Pomskies are popular because of their wolf-like appearance. You should keep it in its best condition by grooming it. If you make it appear clean, everyone will understand that you are the right pet owner.

Unavoidable Problems you cannot avoid when you have a Pomsky

What are unavoidable problems you cannot avoid when you have a Pomsky? If you have a Pomsky, you should always keep your eyes on it. Do not let it go outside alone because a flying eagle, owl or a hawk can hurt it. Do not let it stay home alone because it will swallow something toxic. The best part is that you do not have to worry about their health because they are strong and well-built. Here are some more problems that you will not be able to avoid if you have a Pomeranian Husky.

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1. They do not like dealing with children

There is no guarantee on how it will react to all the members in the house. Some say that it is better to get a Pomsky if there are no children in the house while others say they get along just fine with kids of all ages. It depends on their temperament and behavior. It can also depend on their parents. Pomeranians may be small and cute but they do not get along well with kids. It will constantly bark and make the child uncomfortable. Instead, a big size Pomsky such as Labrador Retriever or Golden are friendly with children. If you are lucky, you will get a puppy who is nice to everyone.

2. They do not like to be alone

Anxiety, depression and loneliness are all important factors if you have a Pomsky because it will not like to be left all by itself at home. You can have someone else take care of it but it will still want your attention. If you are someone who needs a buddy than you should think of getting it because it wants love and care. If you already have enough friends and work outside the house, you should rethink about getting the Pomsky. You will make the situation worse by making them experience separation anxiety.

3. They have small bladders

According to their size, you can tell that their organs are not that big. It will take a long time to train them about excretion. You can get a Pomsky trainer for this job but that will also take time and cost you a lot. You will have a mess in the house every time it urinates. You have to clean your home over and over again. Do not think a well-trained puppy will get you peace of mind. It can happen that you are sleeping on a Saturday, it will wake you up to take it out to pee.

4. They will get sick

You might think that this is an obvious problem when you are a living thing. Humans get ill so do other creatures. The problem is that if the parents were not healthy or had hidden illness, it could be passed on to the Pomsky. It will not be a secret anymore. It can happen that when the illness was inside the Siberian Husky or Pomeranian it was dormant. After it passed on to the Pomsky, it became active. Pomeranian is also known for getting ill more than many other Pomsky breeds. Therefore, your puppy has a chance of getting unwell often and you have to put up with vet bills.

Protection of your Pomsky’s coat during winter

How to protect your Pomsky’s coat during winter? You have to take proper care and focus on the Pomsky’s grooming during the winter because while it is snowy outside, the air is dry. It is not that much dry during the autumn, spring or summer. The air lacks moisture during this time and when the inside temperature of the home is warm, it dries out more. Therefore, their skin, coat and paws need a lot of protect. As the pet owner, it is you job to take care of them. Here are two things that can happen if you ignore Pomsky grooming.

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1. The skin will become chapped and dry. There will be irritation and you will notice visible spots on the skin. They will start to itch and sometimes the itching become too severe. If you do not take care of that immediately, the fur will fall off.

2. There will be split ends and the coat can be static. If you do not trim the split ends, it will split from the root. The hairs will break following the fur becoming thin. It is better to take care of it so that split ends do not occur in the first place.

You should purchase high-quality products for your canine buddy. You should know the importance of a leave-in conditioner during the winter. It will act as a layer during the winter and protect the skin and fur. You might think that the Pomsky does not go out much so it does not require grooming. Whether it stays home or goes out during the winter, it needs the right products, such as a leave-in conditioner made of natural ingredients.

Here is what you have to do

1. Do not wait for the bath. During the summer, you may apply the conditioner after the shampoo during the shower. In the cold season, apply it in the morning before the puppy starts it day. You should also apply some right before it goes to sleep.

2. Do not apply directly on tangle or dead hairs. Prevent this by thorough brushing and take off any loose hair. Use a comb to make sure that there are no tangles. If you do not brush it regularly, knots will form. Even though they have a fluffy coat, there will be a lot of dead hairs because of the follicles.

3. After the brushing and letting the loose hair fall off, use the leave-in conditioner. You can use a small pin brush. Do not use too much of the product and watch out for irritation in the skin. Divide the coat of your Pomsky and work from one to another. Do not apply them directly to the roots. Use your hands to rub.

4. Do not do this excess amount. You will stop the air to circulate within the skin pores making it unhealthy. You should keep the word “lightly” on your mind when you apply leave-in products. Since, the product will be wearing off during the evening, you should spray some on it. That will act as a defense and protect your puppy.

Training your Pomsky to behave in the car

How to train your Pomsky to behave in the car? You should not leave your Pomsky home all the time nor should you utilize drugs to control its behavior in the car. You do not have to take them everywhere but sometimes take them to your friend’s house, the beach, lakes and on small trips. If you do not do that and always leave it at home, it will become aggressive, disobedient and furious. It will not like guests or even listen to your commands. All the hard work and training will go to waste. You do not have to take it to work or other events where pets are not allowed.

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There are many reasons why they behave in an unusual manner inside the vehicle. It is because of their characteristic stubbornness. It can happen that you are a Pomsky lover and had other Pomskys before. They loved riding the car and you did not have to do much training. The fact is that they did not have any aggression or even if they had, it was less than the Pomsky’s. Many pet owners who do not own a Pomsky has less complains about car training their Pomskys. The behavior comes from the Pomeranian father and the Siberian Husky mother. If they were friendly, playful and brave, the problem should be less. You should have a Pomsky who is happy to ride in your car. It can also happen that you have successfully trained the Pomsky to be obedient. That is the first step to avoid accidents. You have to make it listen to you such as “sit” and “stay”. After that, you have to train in slowly to be comfortable in the car without starting the motor. After the training is going smooth and everything is well, reward it with treats. The sad part is when the training is completed and you take the Pomsky to many places but suddenly it starts behaving like it is scared.

There are many reasons why they suddenly become nervous and scared again. It can happen that previously it had a company and when it is without it, it becomes sad. It can be that you had another Pomsky and after that is not present, it is becoming upset and not liking the car rides. It can be that you and your friend always accompanied it in the car. After your friend stopped visiting you or riding the car with you both, it can become upset. Sometimes it can also happen that it had a bad experience in its last place. There are puppies who were scolded for not behaving in the car. One thing to remember is never leave your Pomsky in a parked car. Here are some solutions when your puppy is not behaving like it should

• Provide it with a chew toy so that it stays busy with it and gets rid of the anxiety and fright. If you know it has a favorite toy, bring that in the car

• Tell it to behave in an authoritative manner, it should know that you are the leader

• Take it to somewhere it likes and give it rewards such as treats.

Training a Pomsky without treats

How to train a Pomsky without treats? Many pet owners who trains their Pomskies with treats have the question whether they will always have to carry the treats to make their puppy listen to them. It is a matter to worry because you cannot always carry treats with you and you require your four-legged friend to be obedient without any prize. The fact is that the rewards (particularly treats) are during the training process. Once the training is complete and it understands or masters the behavior, you do not have to provide it with awards for accomplishment. You only do it once or twice. If you do not stop, it will develop the need for treats. It is important that your Pomsky does not depend on treats to learn something new or be well-mannered. You should try other methods of rewards.

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The Pomskies can understand the consequences of their action. If someone scolds them for something they broke or chewed, they will get scared of that person. They may stop biting or ruining things but will lose respect for the person. If someone loves them a lot, it will understand and be happy around that person all the time. If you have a guest at your home and the Pomsky is behaving properly and is always near you instead of bothering them by barking, you should reward it. If you do not reward it for the positive behavior later on when guests will arrive, it will bark because that is when you give it attention.

The Pomsky is a great learner and is always interested to learn new things. It is important that if you are not using treats, you utilize other methods to explain it that it performed the right actions. You can try petting it, playing fetch or tossing him toys that it. As soon as you come home, do not call it out or immediately start praising it. You should meet them at least after fifteen minutes or else they will start demanding. Aggression will develop if you make them think that they are too important. You can reward it in so many ways. For example, if you are successful at training it to walk, you can let it walk without a leash. Walking without the leash is a better reward than treats and biscuits.

If the situation becomes severe or it is too much emotional and not in the mood to play, you can use treats. Food rewards become useful in those circumstances when it is not calm. Use other form of rewards during training when it is not too much excited or hyper. The Pomsky can be difficult to train sometimes and do not show them the food first. It will make them aggressive and make them want treats all the time. You should also notice if it is becoming obese or not. Using other forms of rewards such as playing fetch is also beneficial for their health. The best part is that you do not have to worry about carrying treats all the time.

Why should you take time when you are thinking of getting a Pomsky?

Why should you take time when you are thinking of getting a Pomsky? It is a question you should know the answer to while you are thinking of getting the Pomsky. They are not just any Pomskys. They are expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Just because they look handsome and have beautiful eyes, you should not jump into the decision of getting one. If you do not like chores, then you should back off now. They will shed a lot and you will have to vacuum the whole house. If you make a simple mistake in grooming, they will get hurt that will cost heavily. Here are some reasons why you should think again before getting a Pomeranian Husky.

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Buying the essential supplies

We are humans and can deal with living on a budget. What do you do when you lose your favorite comb? You can get one for $1 from a beauty shop and make it work till you get your salary. You can even start to like it and use it for many years. You can never ever compromise with a Pomsky, it needs the bristle brush and you have to get it from the pet store. It will cost around seven dollars or more. You have to pick out high-quality supplies. When it is about other Pomsky breeds, picking out general grooming equipment or bath supplies is not a problem. In the case of a Pomsky, they require first-class materials whether it is a shampoo, paw cream or powder. You have to get all the things they need even before they arrive. You have to start with a grooming table, scissors, brush, paw cream, stainless steel nail clippers and so on.

Saving for emergencies

A Pomsky is extrovert, outgoing and adventurous. Since both the parents are sled Pomskys and hard-working, they do not like to be lazy. In history, the Pomeranian used to pull sleds but not anymore. Now, they are the lap Pomskys and this trait sometimes causes them to have Small Dog Syndrome. It is a behavior they get thinking they are the leader. With proper training, you can solve the problem. That is not the main issues. The reason you should take your time to think again is because when it will go out, it may get hit by a car. That can cost over several thousand dollars and insurance does not help either. You might let them off leash so that they can have fun. That is when they can get injured.

Getting the proper vaccinations

You should make sure it has got all the vaccines or it can develop health problems. You do not want to reduce its lifespan by missing out this. Consult the vet and know about the timing and keep the Pomsky up to date with all the vaccines. If you think all the steps above are becoming hurdles for you, then you should consider getting the Pomsky. It requires a lot of love and affection. If you are someone who will accompany it most of the time, then you can consider getting it.

How to test your Pomsky’s Intelligence

How to test your Pomsky’s Intelligence? A Pomsky is intelligent without any doubt. It may not be well-behaved or calm but it is the cutest and smartest friend you have at your house. It is smarter when you are comparing with many other Pomsky breeds. If you have a Pomsky who is not intelligent it will be sensitive, have a hard time matching with situations and be difficult to train. It will not focus or learn commands, will be victim of bullying and be stubborn when it is not that brainy. Many individuals sometimes choose those over the smart ones because they have other good qualities such as being friendly and funny. Nevertheless, here are ways to determine how intelligent your Pomsky is.

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Gather the right equipment

You will need several things to carry out the tests to find out its level of intellect. Get a stopwatch that works just fine. Get a small blanket or a big towel for it to smell. You should also have a wood plank and some books. Gather small plastic cups to hide treats. That will test its memory and not problem-solving. Get small buckets or cups. If the Pomsky is older, get buckets. For the young ones, get a few plastic cups. You should have a notebook and pen to record all the scores.

Start the tests

The first test is to make the Pomsky smell the towel or blanket. Put it over its face and see if it is trying to get out of it. Here is how you should give it marks. If it can get out within thirty seconds, you should give it 5 points. If it opens after the thirty seconds but below two minutes, award it with just 4 points and if it is more than two minutes late, give it 3. When you see that it is not trying at all, you should give it a zero. Do not put on a towel that has germs on it. Use a clean one and make sure you do not toss it hard in the head or face.

The second test requires you to put treats under the towel you used previously. Show the Pomsky that you putting its treat under the towel on the floor. Find out how long it takes to bring out its treat from underneath the towel. For being quick, give it a 5 out of 5. Quick is less than thirty seconds. If it takes more time than the first thirty seconds to one minute, give it 4. If it takes more than one minute, give it a 3 If it is trying but failing, give it a 1. If it does not even move the towel to get the treat our, give it a 0.

The final test is when you put few books on both sides below a wooden plank on a flat surface. Hide a treat below the opening but make sure that it cannot reach it with the mouth. It should use the paws to get it. Since, they are small in size, make sure the treat is not unreachable. If it can get it out with its paws within two minutes, give it a five. If it succeeds within three minutes, it should receive a four. If it grabs within four minutes, give it a three. For trying but failing but utilizing the paws, the Pomsky deserves a two. If it not using the paws but the mouth it should get a one. If it does not try at all, it should be given a zero. Add the score and find out.